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Bronze Art

Each of my bronzes is a composition that is inspired by an emotion, mood or experience. In some ways it has evolved from my desire to create art that allows symbolic characteristics to be incorporated into the animal forms. I find the tactile nature of working directly with an elemental substance to be both therapeutic and rewarding. The clay is forgiving and allows my imagination and hands to create in a very visceral way, unencumbered by tools of the digital age.

Creating Bronze Art

The art of bronze making with the ‘lost wax method’ of casting goes back many millennia. It is an ancient art form whose multi-step process has changed very little over time and as such retains a certain authenticity of process. I sculpt what I know, or wish to know more deeply.

The Lost Wax Method of Bronze Casting:

Of Fire and Metal

Phases of creating Escape

Phase 0) The Inspirational Story & Photos
Phase 1) Armature using wire and pipe
Phase 2) First layer roughing in skeleton
Phase 3) Muscles are added
Phase 4) Mane and Tail are added
Phase 5) Mane and Tail Detailed along with Rope, barbed wire and base