Limited Editions of 25.

Story Behind the Art:

This sculpture is dedicated to the true mustang spirit and was inspired by real events. In the spring of 2017, a cull was ordered by the state of Utah on the Cedar Mountain Mustang herd. The horses were chased down by helicopter and mounted wranglers to the chute leading to the capture pen. A young pinto mare, spun on her heals and escaped the chute. She was chased by both helicopter and wrangler down the length of a barbed-wire fence. As the rope landed over her neck she ducked to the right, crashed through the wire, and flipped over, landing on the other side. She scrambled to her feet, too off back to the mountains with the rope trailing and was never seen again.

Later that year I camped at one of the Cedar Mountain water holes for three days and searched the hills for her. Though I did not see her, I remain confident that she has shed the rope and is hiding in the forested mountain area, far away from human interference.

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Escape is available in silver nitrate patina or traditional dark brown.

L14” x W5” x H10”

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