Limited Editions of 25.

Story Behind the Art:

Stallions that prove to be devoted protectors and caregivers will often have mares stay with them for many years and they will usually have the highest survival rates of foals living to maturity. Mares that have a close bond with their foals and communicate with them frequently are more likely to have a foal that will thrive. This sculpture depicts a Sable Island stallion and his only mare (his life-mate) and her spring foal. Their small family is resting in the lea of a sand dune on the south beach, as they relax on a warm spring day. Even in a place with no predators the stallion will always be the last to relax, as he stands guard over his herd.

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Devotion Family $4100

Devotion Stallion 10” x 8” x 3” $1900

Devotion Mare 10” x 3” x 5” $1900

Devotion Foal 5” x 5” x 2” $550

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