Living on the Edge


Living on the Edge

Limited Editions of 25.

Story Behind the Art:

Polar Bears are our most iconic symbol of the Canadian north. They have also become the poster animals for climate change because if they cannot adapt to the changes they continue to experience, they could become extinct within our lifetime. This bronze sculpture was inspired by my time in the Arctic winter, when polar bear cubs and mothers are newly emerging from their maternity dens. 

If you look closely at mother Atiktaliq you will notice that she is subtly adorned with stories of the north. The midnight sun on her right side hangs over the tilted black spruce. The legend of the aurora borealis is on her left side showing the hunter’s spear. The legend tells of an Inuit hunter that sees fire shining from the rocks (Labradorite). He throws his spear into the rocks and swirling lights emerge from the earth and travel to the sky. The aurora is born.

Her cub Atiktalaq has a simpler form, as his stories have yet to emerge. He is watching mother and learning about life on the floe edge and indeed, life on the edge of a critical time for his species. 

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Living on the Edge, by Debra Garside, bronze sculpture with white patina, mounted on hand chiseled labradorite and walnut base.

Size W10” x L10” x H10″