Limited Editions of 25.

Story Behind the Image:

The symbolism of Windhorse spans many cultures. In Mongolian Shamanism: Windhorse or ‘xii-mori’ refers to the personal psychic power residing in your human soul. The strength of your Windhorse depends on the way that you conduct your life. A helpful person who performs good deeds and is conscious of restoring balance in the universe will have a strong Windhorse.

In Tibetan Buddhism: Windhorse is a mythical creature that represents the element of ‘space or universal foundations. The creature carries prayers to the heavens with the speed of the wind and the strength of the horse. From an inner perspective it is associated with positive energy and lifeforce. It is often depicted on prayer flags which are sometimes called Windhorses or ‘lungta’.

The Windhorse Sculpture carries much symbolism within its form. The yin/yang symbol is subtly sculpted into her body, her mane and leg feathers appear as flames, and hold the triple gem. She flies through the universe which unfolds below her, the sun and moon cradled in the curling wave-forms below.



The base is black onyx and black walnut.