Limited Editions of 25.

Story Behind the Image:

Who does not remember the halcyon days of summer searching for seashells on the beach? For some it is a childhood dream or lifetime passion, for others it simply means a life of drifting from one beach to another. Sable Island, a 40km long crescent of sand, with undulating dunes and seagrass, would be a delight for beachcombers — except for one thing — is inaccessible. And for those lucky few that are allowed to visit, they may remove nothing from this protected eco-system. For the Sable Island stallion in this sculpture, beachcombing is a way of life. Though he may come upon a shipwreck, or an ancient scallop shell, he has no desire for them. He travels the firm sand of the tideline, for this is his highway, his easiest route from one seagrass meadow to another. He is the most unique of beachcombers! 

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Available in traditional dark brown patina (shown) or silver nitrate.

18” x 11” x 5”

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Dimensions 18 × 5 × 11 in