Studio Portraits


Studio Portrait Sessions are $900.

A deposit of $500 is required to pre-book a session.

Bookings available at Thunderbird Show Park, Langley, BC for the 2023 season.

Bookings can be arranged in Alberta for the month of October.

Your $900 standard package fee includes a one-hour private photography session with Debra Garside. Prints are ordered a la carte. Debra will be shooting with the Nikon flagship camera, the mirrorless Z9 edition. Debra will be using LED lights with soft-box covers and no flashes. There are three backdrop colours available (white, grey and black). Session fee is non-refundable.

Print can be purchased à la carte.

A donation of $50 from each shoot will go to wild horse conservation; such as the Sable Island Institute and the Kaimanawa Heritage Horses.

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Your horse will be photographed with whatever tack (halter or bridle and/or saddle) you choose, as well as with a minimal rope halter that will be edited out of the photo in post-process for a completely tack-free appearance. Typically, Debra will capture 300-400 images during the one-hour session.

Part of the success of the shoot depends on how the horse accepts the studio environment and to what degree the handler can pose the horse. Some owners find bringing a second horse along for company is helpful, and a few treats. It is essential that your horse is clean and if braided, that braids are straight and tidy.


Once the photo session is complete, Debra will download and duplicate all digital images to an external hard drive. She will then cull the images down to a selection of 20-30 images that are worthy of further editing. These images will be inspected on a large editing monitor for quality and then the final cut of 6-12 images will be put through the fine art editing process. This process can take 6 to 10 hours. Debra makes every effort to have proofs for you within 2-3 weeks of shooting day.  


Prints starting at $300. For 2023 PRINTING PRICES please email direct