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Katmai 2010: Of wolves & Bears

Camping in the Alaskan wilderness is always a challenge, both mentally and physically. Last year (2009) in Katmai I was blessed with great light almost daily.  This time I experienced the opposite, as it turned out to be the wettest, coldest summer on record in Katmai National Park. This time I would really learn something, not just about the challenges of photography in bad weather, but about the twists and turns of nature, man and beast.

 I was somewhat apprehensive (well more than somewhat) about the dynamics of the group I had assembled for Kent to guide into Katmai.  The source of this was his insistence that this year I was to be ‘deputized’ as assistant guide.  With only two previous bear trips under my belt I did not feel qualified for this responsibility and the idea of leading a group into the grizzly sanctuary seemed daunting. Perhaps after a few days with the bears and with Kent’s guidance I would find the courage to take on the task.


Post Script

Major kudos to ERA and Alaska Airlines.  We were flying ERA to Anchorage and then all on Air Canada back to our various destinations.  The staff at ERA went above and beyond the call of duty (and I believe the rules) to send our bags back on Alaska Airlines, whom we had not a single ticket booked with.  On top of that our bags were shipped and delivered perfectly through customs AT NO CHARGE!  Fly Alaska Airlines Everyone!!!!!

Deb hiking back to camp. Photo Daisy Gilardini

Much gratitude to Daisy Gilardini for her wonderful mentorship and teachings, to the guys for being great travel companions and of course the wonderful bears! None of us have heard from Kent.